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I'll tell you a little to you about the trip and the experience in forex trading FALLEN AND RISE UP.

Failure was very annoying and makes discouraged. but instead of bankruptcy that makes us aware of the importance of regulating money in trading. In the past when I know forex trading is not thinking directly using real money account and learn manual trading autodidact. First I was quite happy with the benefit a lot, I think: so easily make a profit in this trade. I continue to trade 5 days a week continuously. and the results of the next week I lost a lot or MC (margin call). not just that day I experienced MC. but has two more years of continuous MC. I always lost capital without the rest in the forex market. :) 2 years that I was always looking for a trading system, money management, expert advisor, fundamental and other science knowledge about psycologi trading. but nonetheless still experiencing Failure.

What did I do wrong? which is definitely not one MARKET, because the market is always right.I am also in 2 years it often shifts broker so I know brokers are safe and which are not.

When experiencing Failure last, my first year is not looking at the chart and stopped trading. but not on guess immediately stopped, in the year to 3-4 this is my reflection and self introspection fault my fault. in the 5th year I started to open the chart start trading again. of the many trading experience, I realized that psycologi manual trading I've messed up. and I decided to wear and create expert advisor again. as expert advisor does not have psycologi in trading.

If you know the more you are in the trading system the more damage you in trading.

Awakening began in the 5th to present a new start. of the many losses (Failure) I think it's closed and has been assigned the more profit. The following are examples of new results are being displayed in myfxbook. advantage has always been my withdrawal all. and from here I think to share with you for a fee. why you paid? to pay hard-earned make EA and experience that I created. I hope you are able to appreciate my arguments.

You can free download knowledge that you need to know below

Description Fibonacci EA

What's Fibonacci? Fibonacci numbers are a sequence of numbers (sequence of numbers) that the ratio is contained in the proportion of forms in nature are prepared by Leoanardo medieval mathematician Fibonacci from Italy in the year 1175 to 1245 AD Fibonacci Numbers also known as the golden number of human life. Professional traders use levels provided by Fibonacci to help determine the range of potential as a support area resistance. not only that Fibonacci also we can use to enter and exit in the market.

Many systems and indicators that I learned more and more messed up my manual trading, but of the many systems that I learned there is a very simple system makes me confident in determining the market price when walking. many traders profesioanal using one of the tools of MetaTrader is that Fibonacci. why I use Fibonacci? because I have found this strategy with its own experience with the tried and failed last found a very simple to determine market entry and exit from the market. I have written this strategy in pdf format very easy to understand. besides that we also make EA (expert advisor) for this strategy. there are some that you get after joining us.

1. Ebook + video became a trader beginner to professional.
In this ebook we explain the ins and outs of forex, why did you choose a forex business, the use of MetaTrader, the term term in forex, how to become a professional trader. This ebook is very easy to understand for novice traders and professional traders.

2. Strategy Ebook Fibonacci from our experience.
In this ebook secrets and strategies we write our experience using Fibonacci and several indicators metatrader4 to convince you determine the direction of the market price.

3. Software expert advisor (EA) fibonacciEA
From my experience trading system, created EA runs fully automatically + Ebook installation and parameters for ea in pairs in metatrader4. Our basic ea single type OP. (One order) running 24 hours non-stop in our ea metatrader vps can be set and fixed lot martingale. we will adjust and highly secure appropriate setting of your deposit capital.

4. Bonus helper system manual trading.
This bonus contains several indicators and EA to assist manual trading.

There are 3 versions in FibonacciEA

1. FibonacciEA V 1.2 & V 1.3
* Logic Fibonacci
* Single open order, Averaging fixed and multi
* Filter News
* Money Management
* Hidden TP and SL
* Filter time trade
* Work on Pairs Eur/Usd, Aud/Usd, Usd/Chf, Eur/Gbp, Nzd/Usd Time frame H1
* Deleted data and more....
2. FibonacciEA V 2.1
* Logic Fibonacci
* Single open order + Hedging strategy
* Hidden TP and SL
* Filter News
* Filter time trade
* Work on Pairs Gbp/Usd, Usd/Cad, Usd/Jpy, Gbp/Jpy, Xau/Usd Time frame H1
* Money Management and more....
3. FibonacciEA V 3.1
* Logic Fibonacci
* Averaging fixed and multi 2 directions
* Hidden TP and SL
* Filter day trade
* Money Management
* Filter time trade
* Work on Pairs Eur/Usd, Aud/Usd, Usd/Chf, Eur/Gbp, Nzd/Usd Time frame H1
* Daily target and more....
And another one for you lovers of aggressive EA. That is FibonacciEA Extreem Edition

Video Tester Extreem edition VS V 3.1

You can try all the free downloads in the member area

All have our version of the test on a real account and the results are bound to benefit. We also have prepared a configuration file for you with the capital that has been specified.

Expert advisor in all this world there are advantages and disadvantages.
Using fibonacciEA you will know where the strengths and weaknesses of each EA.


What are the benefits of joining ?
Here are 7 benefits strategy and Fibonacci expert advisor along with features in our expert advisor :

1. You are able to analyze their own direction and trend of the market with ease.

2. Expert advisor fully automated walk safely without your monitor. you can sleep soundly.

3. Strategy order opening definite benefit that can be used on all of the trading system.

4. Security of your capital as well, because we ea beripe ea single OP unlike any other that is always open trade resulting loss.

5. Experience is not in priority
Traders with little or no experience can use Fibonacci EA and strategies from our experience.

6. Easy to Use and Install
Quick and easy to use Fibonacci ea and strategies, only a few simple steps that enable both novice and experienced traders to use this software with little effort.

7. Support full client
have access to our team of experts to help with Fibonacci ea and any questions or concerns you.

And This is the reason that you need to know

Here are 7 reasons why you should have a strategy and tools Fibonacci ebook EA for all traders :
1. Frustration manual trade
We certainly tired of seeing the chart on MetaTrader 4 every day. tired of waiting for the signal and tired while waiting close order. with EA Fibonacci you are not tired of doing all that.

2. Psycologi trading awake
With our Fibonacci expert advisors, trading psycologi you remain awake and comfortable because EA does not have psycologi. in contrast to manual trade flavor greed, fear, emotion, hesitation and anxiety certainly envelop yourself.

3. Discipline in trading
believe it or not please: success at each trader one of which lies in its discipline in trading. so if you lack discipline in trading alternative way is to use expert advisors.

4. Manage the money appropriately
forex trading is quite risky. the professional traders are very cautious in managing money, and we have made risk management in an EA with a risk reward of 1: 2. Risk Management is the number one factor is paramount to successfully trade.

5. Efficiency time
for those who do not have much spare time or you are busy working. in the trade using your EA will feel very comfortable and helped.

6. Why Should Use Robot Trading?
Because it is recognized or not investors forex and stock index in the world 80% loss, 80% of all the more influenced by weak self-control. And Robot Trading has eliminated these weaknesses.

7. Confused trading
Our strategy in the book you will not be confused in determining open, targets and finishing minus profit in trading. in our experience strategy point you just need to understand the most important point and can run all types of your trading system.

And there is an extra little reason from our experience.
Not all sellers / marketers of EA honest about the performance of the EA. a lot of market out there that lie. So, you do not get too easily tempted by the lure of the performance delivered. Even if you decide to buy the EA, the better you test the first EA before using it on your real account.

In you can try trial for 1 week, we will not sell anything that is not clear. If you like and match it is time to buy. But there are features that our non activating when you do the trial. in because to avoid piracy.

Ebook + Video

This ebook is very easy to understand for novice traders and professional traders.

Ebook Fibonacci Strategy

Convincing you determine the direction of the market price.

Fibonacci EA

Ease of trading and work fully automated.

Manual Trading System

Indicators and EA to assist manual trading.

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  • An Expert Advisor is a piece of software written specifically for the MetaTrader Platform. An Expert Advisor can just advise traders which trade to make or can be programmed to automatically execute the trades on a live account.They are written in their proprietary programming language called MetaQuotes Language Version 4.

  • A MetaTrader4 (any broker), need VPS minimum 512 ram to running 24/7 , minimum deposit account of $100-$1000, stable internet connection. MT4 should run at all times.

  • No you do not need. all products Fibonacci ea very easy to understand and to be learned even a beginner. It is easy to install and after installation you do not need to do anything. It runs as you go. If you have a problem, I am happy to help.

  • FibonacciEA can open up to 3 orders a day. 1 on average. All depends on the market that are running and Logic system fibonacciea

  • Timeframe recomended use H1 minimum M30. and recomended 5 Pairs = Aud/Usd, Nzd/Usd, Eur/Usd, Usd/Chf and Usd/Jpy

  • After registering and paying, you can download our products. and license work after you give your account number to us. we will give the license via email. if within 24 hours 1x can not run fibonacciea please contact support

  • Yes you can use the Fibonacci strategy with ease. 3 easy steps you are able to determine market direction. can be used for beginners and professional traders

  • We work on sunday-friday [24/5], and we will usually respond within a few hours on business days. you can cantact me on email or message on facebook